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A girl among a million others.…a simple normal child. A young girl initially crying to go to school every single day and later on like any normal girl pretending to be sick to skip school for the day. Her parents thought she might be good at singing and enrolled her into a Bhajan class(please add an explanation about what is Bhajan), This is a norm in any Indian middle class family. Imagine what any normal parent would do if people complimented your child’s talent. They would try to encourage the child into more such classes so that they become better and better right ? The same thing happened to this girl as well. 

This girl's parents put her into Carnatic music. They enrolled her into Bharatanatyam classes as well. . This girl did not know how to handle so much and she was not able to focus on a single thing. That's when she realised it was time for her to prioritise and decide what she wanted to do. One day her dad questioned her “Tell me what you wanted to focus on? I don't think focusing on too many things will work out because you are hardly practicing anything after coming home”. He then asked her what she wanted to do in life. That's when she realised what she wanted to do. This girl replied “I want to focus on arts. That is what I enjoy the most. I feel that I am better at arts than music or dance” Her parents obliged her and enrolled her into an art class. Usually in the art institute children take about 6 to 7 months to complete a level but this girl could complete the same in just 4 to 5 months. She had always wanted to do this and she was keen to step into the next level so that she could develop her skills.

One day she attended an event where her father was a speaker along with the chief guest Mr Sujith Kumar, the founder of the Matram foundation. This girl who always talked a dime to a dozen was silent  for once and was listening to every single word that was spoken that day. She was never like this- always hyper and never sitting still in one place especially when someone is talking . That day this girl went back to her father and said “ I have found out something else I would like to give a try. I want to inspire people especially children” Her dad told her “For someone to Inspire children , public speaking and listening is very important “ 

She took this to heart and started focusing on the same. She would never leave any opportunity and would try to participate in most of the literary competition held in her school at that time. She joined a Leadership Academy Training Program. That was when her life started to change and she realized her true calling . This girl is none other than ME, HASINI, A 7TH GRADER, CEO OF FIRSTSTEP AND ALSO THE YOUNGEST JOURNALIST IN THE STATE.

During this pandemic I started a project for father's day and interviewed children and surprised their parents. Seeing my interview a school principal suggested that these interviews be posted on social media. The response to this was very good , so my parents suggested that I start YouTube channel  where I  interview young achievers.  

Listening to these young achievers, your mind started exploring options that previously you thought did not exist. I slowly started coming out of my comfort zone and the things I thought I could not follow or aspire in life started to bear fruits and turn to reality.
I believe in what our former President Mr Abdul Kalam said “You have to dream before your dreams can come true. A dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep”

After my first few interviews, my father got a call from Brainfeed high magazine to find out whether I could I be a reporter for the magazine. I knew it was an amazing opportunity and did not want to let it go, but I also knew that it came with a lot of responsibility too. Till date I have written about 10 articles for the magazine. It all happened within a span of 8 to 9 months. During this time I got a call from Avatar live YouTube channel to be an anchor for their program. 8 months back If someone had asked me if I would be able to do all these things, I would have  said No, but life takes us through different paths.

I believe that the little I have achieved is because I was very clear of what I wanted in my life. can create an impact in children's life. I hope that my interviews with the young achievers of today inspire more children to achieve their dreams.

I am a proud CEO of first step and also the One of Young journalist in India  , Received Global Kids Achiever Award - youtuber , who was awarded Dream Catcher  This is just the beginning of my journey. I wish to explore and am aiming at the stars, to be beacon, showing light to many young achievers like me of my age.

Today there are ten more children who I have interviewed, who have joined me in this mission of empowering more children. Yes, like me each of these young achievers have taken up one area and are creating videos which can have an impact on children....