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The Story of the Battery Boy

“If I can make Earth a better place to live, you can. If you can make Earth a better place, we all can!” says Sri Nihal Tamanna.

The Earth is our home and it’s our job to keep the Earth pollution- free and as green and clean as possible.

With that being said, we must be aware that almost 15 billion batteries are thrown out each year and that is not very good news.

Sri Nihal Tamanna is the founder of RecycleMyBattery and has collected around 75,000 used batteries via recycling bins. Many people throw out used batteries and it releases toxins that harm the environment. 65% of wildfires in California are caused because of the toxins and chemicals from used batteries. Such fires occur in landfills too. These used batteries burst when exposed to high heat hence, causes fire.

Nihal is on his mission to protect the environment from these avoidable catastrophes. He spreads awareness on the same. He says that he wants to reduce the thrown away used batteries from 3 billion to zero.

There are shops in America where you drop off used batteries in order for them to get recycled. In 2019, he conducted a small study on 20 people to see if they recycled their batteries properly. Everyone said that they were throwing away the used batteries. Only two people said that they knew about the battery recycling process, but they didn’t have time to go to the battery recycling centre.

Inspired by his father, he wanted to start a plastic recycling company, because people dump plastic into the Krishna River. Before working internationally, he was advised to work in his country, The United States. That’s when he started RecycleMyBattery. He started to spread awareness on the importance of recycling batteries.

His future goals are to make RecycleMyBattery a global company, spread awareness to as many people, and end the process of throwing batteries, hence preventing many wildfires and controlling pollution.

He was nominated for the New Jersey state recycling award, besides winning multiple prestigious awards. They include the New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award, NJDEP Recycling Award, Citizens Award the National Waste Recycling Association Award, the One in a Million Award, New Jersey DEP Recycling Award, the Point of Light Award, the Green Champ Award, and the Global Kids Achievers Award. He has also gotten personal recognition letters from multiple US senators.

Nihal has created a great initiative, ‘RecycleMyBattery’ and with the help of many other people, we can really make our Earth a better place to live in. Not only for humans, also for animals, sea life, plants and trees!

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Joe Daniel
Joe Daniel
Jul 14, 2021

Awesome! Hats off to him!


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