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I'm a 16 years experienced software engineer who want to change education industry for good. I'm looking for young peoples and others to involve in my software project to change education industry for good. I don't want to put awards and recognitions, rather I want to put how many LOVE I've gained by showing LOVE to all humanity through my work and other parts of my life. While we die how many LOVE we gained is important, but not awards, recognitions, money, wealth, jewellery. Only LOVE lasts even after we die, but not those material things.I want to save humanity from self destruction and bring paradise on Earth (Golden Age). Check I also want to start a company that benefits all humanity. I'm an atheist and a Raelian (Check My religion is LOVE. I want to inspire others by being the change for good. My objectives are like Paradism objectives (care, sharing, cooperation, balance. Final objective is balance in all pillars). I don't like Capitalism (power, ownership, competition, profit. Final objective is profit) that is currently followed in the world.

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Kumar Muthaiah

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