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Advait Kolarkar – The young Master Artist

“Colour is a power that directly influences the soul”

Advait a seven year old boy, started painting at a really young age of one. The first time he picked up a paint brush was when he was only eight months old and his initial paintings were on the floor with food colors. He loved and was fascinated by bright colors and wanted to give a shot at painting. So his parents bought him a canvas for him to paint on.

He gets his inspiration from mammals and pre historic animals such as dinosaurs and mammoths. He also gets his inspiration from insects and birds and he is fascinated by galaxies, nebulas, oceans and beaches. When he pours the paint on his canvas, he watches as the image forms.

His first art exhibition was in Pune, India when he was two years old and people who came to see his exhibition where really amazed by this young painter and couldn’t believe that he had made them. His paintings now sell for lakhs but Advait says “I don’t think much about the money. I paint because it love it”

He has made about a hundred abstract paintings and one of his favorite paintings is called Toucan. When he poured the paint on the canvas, an image of a toucan sitting on a branch formed and he also added artificial fruits and flowers to this painting.

He also loves to spend a lot of time outside his studio, and gets inspiration from things he loves such as books and he loves spending time on the beach.

Advait is a child prodigy and was awarded the Global Kid Achievers Award.

Advait is really happy and proud that people support him and love his work and he is a great inspiration for everyone.

Interviewed by Hasini Lakshminarayanan

Written by Vaimithra

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