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Art of Painting

“The love of the people is more encouraging that any award”, says Mayank Manna. But who is Mayank??

Mayank Manna is a 13-year-old from the heritage capital of West Bengal, Haldia, a student of class 7 studying at the Vivekanada Mission School.

He has been painting realistic art since a very you age. Though he has always been interested in painting, the skill did not come easy to him. “Like any art this takes a lot of time and hard work” “I used to fail a lot at first but I did not give up hope”, he says.

The lockdown during the pandemic helped him spend more time with his art and develop it. During this phase the depth and clarity of his painting improved and his strokes became more fluid and purposeful, such that he was able to complete 2-3 painting as week. He was now able to convert any photograph into a beautiful canvas.

They say practice makes perfect and this is true in Mayank’s case. Any beautiful image, he can convert into a beautiful painting without any reference. “The lockdown has helped me complete over a 100 paintings”, he says.

Mayank is a recipient of many awards and medals in competitions like the Picasso Art Contest, The Chemical Art Contest, The Haldia.Complex Art Contest etc. Mayank’s painting has also been used in an International poetry book '"Creative Voice of Uganda" published in UK and many magazines too.

He is most comfortable with water colours and mentions M F Hussain and Leonardo Da Vince as his inspirations. He also likes the work of famous local painter like Ms Nidhi Amidwa and Ms Suparna Das

You can know more about this young painter from his Youtube channel and his facebook page Mayank Manna Art Gallery

Interviewed by : Hasini Lakshminarayanan

Writtern by : Krishna Vijay

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