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Ashile, the Parentteener

One of the most beautiful things that this universe can offer are the radiant smiles of our parents. And knowing that we are the reason behind those smiles will definitely give us an ecstatic feeling.

Ashile, a seventeen-year-old whiz, is the co-author of the book “I Miss Understood”. She is a captivating public speaker and directs a company called “Parentteening” in which they nourish young teenagers in tuning the art of public speaking.

When she was much younger, Ashile was not very expressive or extroverted. She always used to lurk behind doors in order to avoid her bullies. It all changed when she was attending a parent-teacher meeting with her mother, where her teacher admonished her firmly. That’s when she realized to speak up for herself, and ventured into the art of public speaking.

At the age of thirteen, she had to speak in a public forum where there were about two hundred and fifty trainers. The applause she received echoed throughout the hall, and she knew instantly that her mother was elated, as she could see the tears of joy run through her cheeks. That’s when she knew that this was going to be her destiny.

Then, she started to write her book, “I Miss Understood” in class ten, right before her boards. The book was launched at the National Achievers’ Conference held by Jack Canfield. She recounts that it was an immense pleasure for her since she was fond of reading books from a very young age. In 2019, the book became a bestseller. The book talks about the bonding between teenagers and their parents. Through the book, they convey the struggles they faced and the solution for them too. Her mom has been the backbone behind her success which in turn motivated her to empower the teenagers.

Public speaking plays a major role in our life. In her life, she has transformed from a seed to a tree because of public speaking. She presents herself before various people for public speaking. When she learned the art of public speaking she ended up being a confident champ in society and standing on her own legs.

She also felt proud of her seven-year-old student who had launched a book in their presence. She proclaims that everyone should be expressive enough to share their emotions with people.

Learning is a process that is never-ending. In fact, lifelong learning is no longer a luxury but a necessity for life. Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching you!

Interviewed by: Hasini Lakshminarayanan

Written by: Abhinav Arun

Edited by: Akshath Jaganmohan

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