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Little Superbstar

Clocks tick, time runs. You may delay, but time won’t. With multiple

important choices to make in life, we can’t afford to delay much. I made

my choice in exploring and giving inspiration to children of my age who

are confused in making decisions from where to start and to reach their

goal. My choice was to explore child achievers. Interact with them and

show those conversations with the world. Inspire other children!

No one would believe that a six-year-old child acted in a movie! It may

sound too fantastic, but it is true.

The other too-good-to-be-true situation of the moment was this: I was

about to interview such an actor who started his journey in the film

industry when he was six years old. I was unable to accept the fact that

he had acted in about eight movies, seventy-five commercials, twenty-

five short films, and could converse in six languages! Unbelievable, isn’t


Hint: He played the lead role in ‘Pasanga 2’. It is Nishesh.

Nishesh is a budding star who started his journey when he was six years.

He began as a child artist under award-winning director Vasanthabalan

sir. Nishesh qualified all three rounds and got selected for his first movie

to act as young Siddharth in Kaviya Thalaivan. He also received the Best

Child Actor Award from MGR Sivaji and the United India Academy. He

loves all the characters he has played.

His mother is from Rajasthan, so he knows Marathi and Hindi. Since his

father is a Keralite, he knows Malayalam, and because he lives in

Chennai he knows to speak Tamil. He wants to continue his studies

abroad, so he is learning french, and he knows English. This is the story

of his 6 languages.

Having a balanced schedule is very important for a person like him. He

mentions that his mom was a big support for him during his shots. He

reads and practices his schoolwork during intervals of his shooting

instead of having fun during break and having coffee or relaxing. Hard

work is very important for one to succeed, so Nishesh did miss his

school time. Instead of having fun, he works hard to get his shot perfect.

This shows his determination to succeed.

Moreover, because of his career, he misses all his school friends, sports

time, and tournaments, even though sports are his favorite pastime.

School friends are the ones with whom we share a special bond, but he

misses school a lot, and subsequently loses the time he spends with

them. He also can’t attend the birthday parties of his friends, and only

attends them virtually.

His dream is to become a very successful actor. His dream is to become

as successful as Superstar Rajinikanth sir, who is his role model.

Nishesh also wants to work with him at least once in his career.

Holidays are meant to have fun, enjoying time with friends and family.

Children have a habit of purchasing new collections of the latest model

dress, gaming equipment, watch models and brand new shoes, etc. one

should be kind enough and have a big heart to spend time with poor

people and help them. Nishesh is kind enough to do all that. He believes

that his contribution towards society would be providing shelter to

people who are homeless. He wants to contribute to the abolition of

poverty. From the side of the First Step, I wish him all the best in this


A goal without a plan is just a wish. One should be patient enough, find

motivation and work hard. Opportunities never knock our doors. We

need to find them. We need to accept changes and make the best use of

them by giving our 100%. In the morning, we can choose to either

continue our dreams in sleep, or wake up to chase them.

Acting is a profession. It might sound and seem easy but it is not. To be

a good actor, confidence and skills are a must. Each one faces

difficulties in their profession. Nishesh had to apply glycerin to his eyes

so that they get teary. He felt that these were the most difficult parts for

him as it burns his eyes a lot. The next time, to avoid its usage, he learnt

how to get teared up without glycerin usage. He improvised in his


But above all these accolades, the best thing about Nishesh is his

consistency. When Sachin Tendulkar comes to the field, we always

expect a century from him. Keeping up our performance to be the best is

a tough task, and Nishesh is doing it well. We can too...

Interviewed By : Hasini LakshmiNarayanan

Writer : Subhiksha Vaidhiyanathan

Editor : Akshath Jaganmohan

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