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Shakthi Palraj

Shakthi Palraj is a seventeen year old entrepreneur and the founder of InnovXplorers. He is a junior at UWC Mahindra college.

InnovXplorers is an organization which helps people acquire twenty first century skills and it is a platform where they teach team dynamics, leadership and entrepreneurship and do offline events on entrepreneurship to kids in rural parts of India.

He has also founded BioSpirants which is a platform where students explore career options in Biology. According to his survey, 70% of high school students aspire to become a scientist but they didn’t know their correct path. So, BioSpirants helps them explore their options, get to know other people who also aspire to be scientists and gain mentorship.

He works as the chief information officer at HumanOctopus Private Limited. He works with directors to collect and analyse data. He has built competitor analyses, collected data for start ups, and built reports.

He was the director of operations at Steel City Codes, which is a non profit organization led by high school students which focuses on bringing computer science opportunities to students of all backgrounds. He helped organize Steel city codes related activities, Finding and coordinating high school volunteers and led Steel City Code India's mission and coordinating other regional directors to achieve their mission.

In 2020, he worked as a research intern at St. Xavier’s centre for biodiversity and biotechnology.

In the past, he has volunteered as a listener at 7 Cups and helped teenagers recover from mental illnesses. In 2020, he tutored at Steam ON where he taught Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Technology to students worldwide.

In 2021, He was selectedas one among the top 500 in YTBC Business Challenge from a pool of over 7500 projects.

In the breakthrough junior challenge, his video scored in the Top 20 Percent of all videos in the Peer-to-Peer Review phase from over 15,000 submissions.

In 2020, He was selected as top 10 innovators in Tamil Nadu for Ideate for India competition. He got selected as top 50 winners in India and achieved the Tech Championship award from the Minister for IT and Electronics.

He was the winner of BRICS math in 2019, and in the same year, he had won the first place for the on the spot talk conducted by ISRO.

He also won the Rajya Puraskar award.

Shakthi is a great achiever and has done good to the world. He is an inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Interviewed by Hasini Lakshminarayanan

Written by : Vaimithra

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