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The Master of Targets

Archery was once a skill which was handy in warfare and hunting. Now it is an Olympic sport. Sanjana has that extraordinary skill at an extremely young age.

Sanjana, a five-year-old prodigy from Chennai has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for shooting more than a thousand arrows at targets eight metres away. Not only that, she achieved this marvellous feat in just three and a half hours!

And her achievements don’t end with that! She has also attempted another record: shooting one hundred and eleven arrows in thirteen minutes, while suspended upside down!

She has been recognized by the famous MGR Janaki College for her awe-inspiring skills.

Her journey began when she was gifted a bow and arrow for her second birthday. She took it everywhere and played with it all the time. She trained after that and made a world record.

Her father works at a government hospital and her mother is a housewife. Sanjana and her parents aspire for her to be an Olympian.

Shihan Hussaini, who is her coach, states that Sanjana is one of the youngest students he has trained. He predicted that she was prodigal and that she would do great in the future. He has also assured that she will become an Olympian.

Sanjana’s hard work and determination at such a tender age really pays off. She has made a world record and will probably become one of the world’s greatest sportspeople.

Written by: Vaimitra Chandrasehar Edited by: Akshath Jaganmohan

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