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The Youngest Yoga Guru

Would you believe me if I told you that an eleven-year-old can teach yoga? Here, we have our very own child prodigy from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, who is not just any yoga instructor, but one that specializes in teaching yoga for the visually impaired.

Dr K. Prisha bears 41 world records. Her shelves bedazzle with several medals and trophies! This makes her the youngest person to hold the highest number of world records, as recognized by the Global University.

She says that sometimes it is considerably challenging to teach for the visually impaired, but she never loses hope and teaches yoga with great passion. Without doubt, her hard work surely pays off.

One of her visually challenged students has achieved a world record under her training. Being the budding champion that she is, she utilises her day well by performing yoga and practicing swimming for an hour every day. But she also ensures to spend a few hours early in the morning regarding her school education. I was astonished when I heard her daily schedule. She maintains a very strategic and productive timetable that I can only dream to have!

When I asked her how the visually challenged students do the Asanas with such ease, she cheerfully answered that she starts the day by teaching some basic warmup Asanas and Mudras. She ventured on to say that her students are invariably aspiring to learn further. Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere, she says. The dedication of her students encouraged her to reach the epitome, despite the hardships. She says that she conducts competitions and showers the competitors with prizes, which act as boosters for her students to learn new moves. This, she affirms, evokes their confidence and concentration level.

With her parents and God by her side, she finds it easy to tackle and solve various obstacles and problems throughout her career and life. She feels very proud and blessed when everyone around her refers to her as Dr Prisha. She stated, “The very thought of someone calling me with a title gives shivers all through my veins!”

Besides yoga, Prisha is an amazing artist, a stimulating skater, and a wonderful karate master. She has won the blue belt in karate, and in the All India Karate Competition, she bagged first place. She is also a good shooter, a captivating choreographer, and good at blindfolded activities. I just can’t believe that one could excel in all these fields, while I also know that her hard work makes it seem possible.

Everyone wants to reach a certain place in life. Likewise, Prisha wants to be a role model to all the young and budding achievers. She aims and works to win many more awards in all her fields. She finds bliss and contentment in helping other people, which we can find in only one in many people.

Being a yoga instructor, Dr. K.Prisha wants to spread the depth and richness of yoga and meditation all over the world. She also makes a point that one can achieve anything by practicing the art of Yoga. Positive mindfulness and optimism will always help a person achieve great heights, and Yoga is an art that provides those necessities.

Anything is possible, it is a question of the right strategy. Although she is from a small town in Tamilnadu, Prisha has conquered great heights and has received the honorable doctorate at such a young age. I believe that all of us have the same neurology. If it is possible for others it is possible for everyone.

This shall serve as a lesson for all those who dream to achieve, and they shall enhance their talents to reach massive heights. Let all their names go down in history.

Interviewed By : Hasini LakshmiNarayanan

Writer : Abhinav Arun

Editor : Akshath Jaganmohan

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