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Youngest Data Scientist

"Without Data you are just another person with opinion,” said Edwards deming.

Data science today is a very prominent emerging field. Today with us we have a person who became the youngest Data Scientist in Asia at the age of Just 12. His name is Siddharth Pilli he is a part of Montaigne Smart Business Solutions and Works( too good to be true)as a Data Science associate in lead builder which is basically a marketing tool! Not only this but he is the ambassador of ‘Kids Chappal’- an organization helping in child education. He is a person who believes that every child is unique and “has certain talents we all would love to follow on”.

At such a young age ( 8th Grader ) he understood the importance of data science and that AI is going to be the future of the world. In the upcoming years, everything we do is going to be based on AI. In his words” the amount of data we are having in our hands there are a lot of patterns, predictions, and insights we can perform”. He gets his motivation from a lot of kid prodigies and philosophical things and also from the Missile man of India sir APJ Abdul Kalam. Siddhart is highly inspired by Mark Zuckerburg the CEO of the tech giant Facebook.

One thing which is really unique to him is that he considers his stubbornness as his strength. “I normally become stubborn when a statement is too good to be wrong”. He wants to become a Project director for ISRO Missions and work, also that he wants to run his own startup and become an entrepreneur doing some client base operations. He aims to collaborate with the government to create empowerment programs and teaming with police services to detect threats to develop applications to help the community and society. On the other hand, he wants to become an engineer from the IIT’s and work in silicon valley.

The message he gives us for his key to success is to never be lazy. “ When you start working on your passion there is nothing that is going to stop you”. He shares that we should have an action plan to help us get everything out of a mess. He says his father is the person because of whom he is successful today. To young kids, Siddharth advises keeping exploring new fields so as to find their passion.

“Large amounts of data can result in magic”- Siddhart pilli

Interviewed by: Hasini LakshmiNarayanan

Written by: Swanandi K

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