8 years before the girl who questioned her father , now standing out as a clear example , The First step born during the Pandemic when the whole world was locked down. 

The reason behind why it is named as The First Step , The first step  matters for every successful person and I want people to get inspired by seeing my young achievers interview . This must instigate to take their first step towards their goal.

I believe every child has potential , it is all about identifying or making them realize their true potential , Once they start listening to the young achievers through my interview I believe which will allow them to take the action . 

Slogan :

The first step is about your first dream

The first step is believing yourself

The first step is accepting your first compliment with grace

The first step is about attracting positive energy from the cosmos

It is about encouraging others with your story

Mission :

To empower children

and also one of the young Journalists of Brainfeed Magazine and The The Hindu School Edition  VJ for Avatar Live and Aval Glitz,.  This is just the beginning of my journey. I wish to explore and am aiming at the stars, to be a beacon, showing light to many young achievers like me of my age. 

Today there are ten more children who I have interviewed, who have joined me in this mission of empowering more children. Yes, like me each of these young achievers have taken up one area and are creating videos which can have an impact on children....

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